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Description: now the MTL Modding Team presents you a fire brigade as they still exist in small villages. The sound was recorded, edited and inserted in 04668 Grimma. Siren rods below as well as...


ETS2 Tatra v5.0 for v1.26

Description: Tatra v5.0 for ETS2 v1.26 ! Readme V1.0: Tuning – Hella light,50K Beacon,Dice,Twister,Sting,Joker front grill,Sting roof grill. Interior with 50Keda GPS,original SCS GPS,without GPS. 6×4 chassis with turntable,6×4 tandem chassis. Coal,Sand,Gravel,Empty,No visible trailer....


ETS2 Skoda Superb V5.0

Description: – New Parts – New Textures – Little cambered wheels – Working on 1.24-1.26 – You can buy any truck dealer Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestsmods/?ref=hl Credits: Metehan Bilal UploadFiles.eu __koda_Superb_V5.0.rar – 26.4...