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FS2017 MAC DUMP V 1.0

Description: I offer the trailer MAC_Dump_FS17 of FS15 with all the update of the Fs17 with capacity of 80,000.00 Follow me on facebook: Credits: Anpaes DOWNLOAD – 21.0 MB

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Description: This standart gaints Überladewagen was rebuilt! Deteil model Überladewagen Price: 58000 € Loading volume: 300,000! Follow me on facebook: Credits: GIANTS Software/bartelbi/BencH DOWNLOAD – 7.2 MB

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FS2017 ПИМ-40

Description: Maud PIM-40 silage trailer Farming Simulator 2017. It has a capacity of 16 tons and transports: standard culture (not only know how to make silage). He leaves behind traces of wheels and dust...

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FS2017 IT RUNNER 2633 HD V 1.1

Description: Version 1.1 Bugfix: Auf dem Dedi (nicht im SP und MP) gab es leichte Performanceeinbrüche, sobald man den IT Runner 2633 HD an ein Fahrzeug anhängte. Follow me on facebook: Credits: Pandahma...